Words from clients

“My partner and I have been working with Julie Twohig for over a year. Julie is a warm, empathetic, personable and non-judgemental therapist. Her sessions have been a breath of fresh air, helping us see problems in our relationship through different perspectives, a process which has been both healing and illuminating.
Julie has a real skill in revealing the drivers behind our interactions, thoughts, and behaviours in a way which helps us to examine and process them. This has often perfectly unlocked a key problem we had been struggling with for a while. She has helped us see how we each contribute to our relationship’s dynamics, like looking in a mirror that reflects our hearts and minds. Julie works in an empowering way, and when we tackle disagreements together, it feels like we are working together as a team on a problem. This takes away a lot of the isolation and disconnection of doing it alone with your partner. At times we’ve seen Julie merely for a relationship ’tune up’ or ‘check-in’, and these sessions have also been fabulous – we always leave feeling a deeper connection and warmer affection with each other.
Simply put, Julie has skilfully taught us how to communicate better and understand each other more deeply. She has made our relationship stronger and made us better as people and partners. We would strongly recommend her to any couples seeking therapy.”

S.M. & E.S. Melbourne

“I started seeing Julie over twenty years ago when my first marriage was breaking down. Since then, I have seen her on and off over the years, both as an individual therapist and a couples’ counsellor. I have also recommended her to many of my friends who have been very happy with her services. Julie is a highly skilled therapist, adapting her style to suit client’s needs and with a deep empathy and wisdom drawn from a wide breadth of interests. I have learned a lot about myself and my relationships through working with her.”

S.R. Castlemaine

“In the past 10 years I contacted Julie for two stints of counselling and found her to be wise, insightful and very helpful.  She helped me move through very difficult periods of my life while maintaining a constructive attitude that put my self-esteem and wellbeing at the forefront.  She has a lovely open style and a great sense of humour and will help you see your strengths and how to use them to your benefit when you’re struggling.”

C.P.  Northcote

“My sessions with Julie have transformed my life. I immediately felt at ease and very comfortable with her. I found her sessions very grounding, and I felt very supported and validated. I find my time with Julie has really helped me move on and work through very ingrained issues and as a result I have gained so much more strength and confidence as I grow and learn through my own personal journey. I am so grateful to Julie, she has been a vital and inspiring part of my life.”

A.S. Melbourne

“I have valued and appreciated Julie Twohig’s wise counselling support and advice over many years and would strongly recommend her as a thoughtful, respectful and insightful counsellor.”

JW, Melbourne

“I have benefited enormously from counselling with Julie and cannot recommend her highly enough. She has a relaxed and attentive style, with an astute, gentle insight. I always felt that she understood where I was coming from. I came to her first at a particularly difficult time in my life following a tragedy, and at that time I honestly couldn’t imagine a time that I would not feel constrained by the anxiety with which I struggled. Julie listened well and introduced me to techniques that literally changed my life, and helped me to discover that things did not have to be so difficult. I’m grateful for all that has been possible in the phases of life since.”

C. Flemington

“I have seen Julie over many years, often in times of profound challenge or grief. She is so much more than a ‘talk’ therapist. For me, Julie feels like a personal champion and mentor who not only cares about my wellbeing but supports me to recognise and interrogate my own patterns, experiences and relationships. Her approach is robust and constructive while being warm, safe and completely without judgement. Julie has played a pivotal role in deepening my self-knowledge and capacity for growth; every time I see her I’m reminded why our sessions have been such a meaningful part of my life.”

Rachel, Melbourne

“Julie has been an important support to us for several years helping us navigate difficult conversations, build communication skills and work through complex family issues. Julie has provided a safe place for us whilst also gently challenging us to dig deeper.”

Luke & Maree, Melbourne 

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